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Abgeschickt von wusel am 10 Januar, 2003 um 18:58:06

Antwort auf: Various? von goobi am 09 Januar, 2003 um 12:08:35:

Hi Karen,

thanks for having you back in here again. I'm happy that you like the 'Discography'. In fact JT is taking part in every mentioned song, either as a (supporting) singer or guitarist.
On the Jimmy Buffett albums JT sings on all the songs listed, on 'Treat Her Like A Lady' and 'Survive' he's even joined by his brothers Alex and Hugh. Just ask me in here or send an email for further information.
I hope you have loads of fun and pleasure on the concert in Sydney. You really deserve it, being one of his biggest fans. In addition all Aussies deserve it since you have waited so long for him to come back to Australia (6 years?).

Sweet greets from a frozen Germany to a probably sweating Australia...
take care and be well


PS I'm gonna see him in Sheffield and Paris, but 'only' 5th and 2nd row...


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