new gatering aftr the parisian show in July the 3rd

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Abgeschickt von sam from Paris am 24 Juni, 2004 um 20:01:15


after a simply wonderful weekend in Paris I'd like to express my
heartfelt thanks to the French JTO crowd, who organized the perfect
happening and who gave us all such a great welcome and such great

So: French Serge, Eric, Tom, Sam, and whoever else was involved in
setting up the Paris extravaganza, THANK YOU a million times. It was an
event which I'm sure none of us who were there will forget in a very
very long time ()

After a chat backstage with the band and JT and also his wife Kim, it
was time to head to the "gathering", more great music, good food, lots
of fun, A LOT of JTOers to meet and to finally spend some time with,
juggling French, German and English at the same time. Nobody really
wanted to leave, and even after everybody went home around 3 am, we sat
in the hotel with the guitar 'till almost 5 am, yawn


Sabi ( April 2003)

As promised, The French JT collective organize a new gathering after the Olympia Concert of July the 3rd.

It will take place at the same restaurant as last year George Opera: 17 rue Daunou 75002 Paris (Phone: 01 42 61 20 01)

The restaurant is easy to find: it is located in the first street at the left in front of the Olympia

I arranged myself with the owner george and his daughter Florence -for a dresser with cheap price: 25 euros (without drink) and 30 euros (with drink). But Im sure he can still make an effort. For that, it is necessary that I know how many JT friends will be with us to eat.

Therefore, leave me a message of reservation at the following address (before next Thursday if possible):

happy that we meet again, Sabi, Tee, Stewart and all the others

Sam from Paris

PS: Because we can plug some guitars and mikes, I would like you give me the title of the song (s) you have the intention to perform during the gathering, so I will be able to arrange a kind of setlist!!)


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