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Abgeschickt von wusel am 03 Oktober, 2002 um 01:47:38

Antwort auf: text von country road - live von philip wibbing am 02 Oktober, 2002 um 06:37:38:

Hi Phil,

hast mich erst einmal 'drauf aufmerksam gemacht was nach 3:45 mins passiert....tolle Sache

das hab ich gehört:

everytime I walk along a country road
yes, I get the same feeling from my head to my toes
don't know where it comes from don't know where it's gonna go
I'd like to jump back and maybe feel it some more, yeah
everything's fine and I'm ok
I don't know how it happened to me today
yeah, but everytime i walk on a country road
still 'bout the same thing goes down
I'm all right without it
everytime I'm climb on up
sure, nothing no doubt about it
that's what I'm all about,
feels like the sun in the sky and the country road
I'm walking hand in hand with the one I love the one ...(?)
Oooohhhh, walking on a road, country road tonight
so you can feel it
you can feel it, you can feel it
i know that you know now
you can feel it, you can feel it, you can feel it
on a country road
walk on down the road
walk on!

Ich danke Sue für ihre Hilfe bei vereinzelten Ungereimtheiten...

gruss, wusel


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